This information pertains to supporting autistic students in academic settings and comes from a variety of sources including local and international information, peer reviewed research and research conducted at OTARC, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia (funded by DHS, Victoria).   

Please note, while this information is designed to support autistic students, a lot of the information and resources also apply to students with other neurodiverse variations.  There are separate sections for students, parents/carersand staff.  The sections have been tailored to best meet the needs of each group. 

We use ‘university’ as a generic term referring to tertiary providers including universities, colleges and vocational training providers (and, per Australia: TAFEs).

Each section contains the most useful information for the group it is intended for.  Use the side bar to navigate to the separate materials for students, parents/carers, and staff.  

Click the group you best identify with to access the relevant materials.